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The pest control industry is changing, customers are wanting a humane method of pest control without leaving a toxic footprint into the environment. Traditional trapping fast becoming as essential as the industry is moving way from rodenticide to snap traps eradication techniques.

Action Force Environmental developed the innovative monitoring system to provide notifications to pest control experts quickly and directly via email.

This move is being led by EU and UK legislation as poison and traditional methods are affection the eco-system. 

Easy to Use and set up

Each System has a control unit at the heart of the system, The unit has a single button which allows the unit to join the host WiFi network

To complete the set up the pest technician sends an email with the unit ID number along with the location - and you are done.


Latest Technology design

Simple and fast set up

Easy to set under the most difficult conditions

Solution developed by leading integration and embedded system engineers.

Trialed and refined by experts of over 30 years in the industry

Single step set up

No sim card needed.

Long life battery

The advantage of using this system is that as soon as the rodent has been caught we can removed the carcass instantly before any nasty odors and flies. 


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