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Insect Services

Having pests in your home is more than an inconvenience. They can pose serious health risks, and even damage your home. With over 30 years of experience, Action Force Pest prevention has created a COMPLETE pest solution that offers the most comprehensive protection against insects


Biting Insects

Biting insects have evolved to feed on the blood of other animals, including humans, as a source of nutrients. Most common biting insects we face in the UK are Fleas and Bed bugs.

Most insect bites cause some degree of pain, itching, or discomfort at the site of the bite. This is often the result of the insect's saliva, which contains substances that prevent blood clotting and numb the area to aid feeding.


Stinging insects

Wasps can be very aggressive pests and are known for their nasty stings and sometimes unprovoked attacks. However wasp will usually attack if they feel threatened. 

The problem is a that a distressed wasps will then emit a pheromone that calls for back up and sends them into a defensive stinging frenzy. 


We Also offer a live honey bee removal service.


Wood Boring insects

Presence of woodworm can be detected by various signs, including small round exit holes in the wood surface where adult beetles have emerged, powdery frass around these exit holes. 

Woodworm infestations typically start when adult beetles lay eggs on or in wooden surfaces. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae bore into the wood, where they feed on the cellulose, gradually tunnelling through the timber as they grow. Eventually, they pupate and emerge from the wood as adult beetles, repeating the cycle.



Store Product Insects 

Insects can sometimes infest stored products such as grains, cereals, flour, nuts, dried fruits, and other food items. These infestations can occur at any stage of the production and distribution process, from farms and warehouses to homes and grocery stores. Some common stored product insects include:

Flour beetles: Flour beetles are small, reddish-brown beetles that infest flour, cereal products, grains, and other stored foods. They can breed rapidly and are capable of causing significant damage to stored products.

Weevils: Weevils are a type of beetle characterized by their elongated snouts. They infest a wide range of stored products, including grains, rice, beans, nuts, and seeds. Weevil larvae can tunnel into grains, causing contamination and spoilage

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