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Kill Alert Trap 

The pest control industry is changing; we want a humane method of pest control without leaving a toxic environmental footprint. Traditional trapping is fast becoming essential as the industry is moving away from rodenticide to snap trap eradication techniques.


Round the Clock Monitoring

Action Force Environmental has been created from traditional pest control and modern technology. As a pest control company we have been looking at been looking at methods of a new humane way of controlling rodent, with the public's perception of seeing dead and dying rodents, with the fact some rodents creating bad odours from dying in places you cannot retrieve bodies, and the rick of non-target species coming into contact with rodenticides. 


So we partnered up with a software engineering company to create these kill alert traps, which we called E-Trap247. We wanted to create a non toxic way to control rodents, which is better for the environment, which results in a healthier environment allowing no pesticides to end up where they're not suppose to be. 

Simple and Powerful

Around the clock surveillance

Non toxic pest control it's better for the environment, creates a healthier work environment and means no pesticides ending up where they aren't supposed to be.

Detecting blind spots

Rodents excel at hiding in places where they are hard to detect with Kill-Alert traps these can detect any rodents in hidden places.

Easy documentation 

Kill-Alert traps is an intelligent system connected to the Wi-Fi which allows us to analyse your situation and when needed export the data you need to prevent further infestations.

Avoid Costly problems

Solving an infestation takes time and the damage done can be substantial, with a Kill-Alert system installed we can act fast on early warnings and deal with potential issues before they turn into costly problems.


Step 1 We analyse and plan 


First we inspect your site, interview key persons, based on what we discover we define the optimal solution for your rodent problem.

Step 2

Based on are plan, we install a system of Kill-Alert non toxic traps that will efficiently deal with rodents.


Step 3 


All Kill-Alert traps are connected to the Wi-Fi when activated will send data to our hub and then we quickly empty and reset traps, avoiding any bad smells fly problems, then we can analyse data and provide you with the necessary information.

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